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Welcome to Marketing Matrix AI. We are a Sydney-based SEO agency that leverages AI with tired and true SEO principles to give your business the edge in the crazy competitive world of online search.

Grab a free Analysis, to get some actionable reports that can help get your website and online presence in MMA fighting shape.

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Search Engine Optimisation

My team and I take care of getting you found online so you can concentrate on what you do best. I have been ranking websites for 12 years, let us help.

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Getting Started

Getting started is easy and best of all its free. We provide you with a free website analysis. Then we also provide you a Free SEO strategy session over Zoom to both get on the same page. Then when you start with us we give access to our AI tool, Clarify AI. Easy train your own AI bot for your website.

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Marketing Matrix AI

FREE Website Analysis

Start today! Let our SEO expert comprehensively review your website, your online presence, and technical site code, and thoroughly analyse your competition.

We get started with analysis.

Industry Analysis

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Marketing Matrix AI

SEO Done For You. 

Our SEO expert will implement your bespoke SEO strategy, ensuring you achieve top-ranking results that only a seasoned professional can deliver.

We fine-tune your SEO game

On-Page Optimisation

Technical Optimisation

Content Creation

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Marketing Matrix AI

FREE AI Chat Bot

We provide clients with a powerful AI chatbot assistant for answering questions and directing customers to contact you or visit your revenue pages. 100% FREE

Your Free AI website assistant 

Train on business data

Crawl your website content

Provide leads answers fast

Help direct leads to services

Marketing Matrix AI

AI Automations

We can create basic or complicated automation to streamline business processes, reduce manual labour, create efficiency and find untapped revenue

We fine-tune your SEO game

Email Automation

CRM Automation

Spreadsheet Automation

Custom Automations

Business automation


Inbound marketing and SEO specialists, who are excited about the AI revolution. AI is here and it’s going to change everything. Are you ready?

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Our Advantages

Why Search Engine Optimisation Matters? 

I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you just why having a good solid presence on Google search matters. Not only does it create more leads into your sales funnels but also creates visibility of your company and brand. 

New leads to your funnels: Getting top three rankings in Google is the bast way to get a new flow of leads. 

Top 3 (18.09% of Search Potential)
Top 4 – 6 (14.24% of Search Potential)
Top 7 – 10 (5.41% of Search Potential)
Top 10+ (2.43%

AI Chatbot to help conversions: We give you full access to our Clarify AI chatbot. Easily train your chatbot for customer-focused interaction, and also make a training bot for staff.

Increased Visibility

Skyrocket your brand’s online presence for maximum market impact and long-term success.

More Traffic

Drive targeted, high-quality web visits to your site for enhanced conversion rates.

Higher ROI

Optimise your marketing spend for substantial, sustainable growth and long-term profitability.

Customer Trust

Establish your brand as a credible industry authority for enduring customer loyalty.

Hello, I’m Jason. In 2015, I set out to pioneer a telecom company amidst the NBN rollout. My task was to demystify industry jargon and become the go-to expert. The key? Content marketing and SEO. I answered the questions my customers were asking, and by doing so, they found me. Now, I’m here to pass on my decade’s worth of strategies to help you master the digital marketing landscape. Let’s illuminate your path to success.

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