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Online business analysis

Expert lead generation plan

Zero stress implementation


Marketing Matrix AI

Business Analysis

Understanding your industry and competition is a vital step for any successful lead generation campaign. We leave no stone unturned in analysing your business.

We get started with analysis…

Industry Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Website Analysis

Keyword Research

Marketing Matrix AI

Personalised Strategy

Using our analysis we will craft a custom design digital marketing strategy that will provide you with the leads your business has been looking for. 

Strategy crafted just for you…

Search Engine Optimisation

Inbound Marketing

Lead Capture

AI Strategies


Marketing Matrix AI

Personalised AI Sales Bot 

Don’t get left behind. AI is here to stay and it is here to take away many predictive tasks. Our customer support bot guides your leads to the write information and products and services, helping increase conversions.

Let AI handle the your basic support…

AI trained on your business

Instant answers to customer questions

Sales bot to sell leads or send to human

Helping convent leads into sales

Marketing Matrix AI

Automated Nurturing

Whether you have closed the lead or you have captured their contact details, we create a set of hurting automation and retargeting campaigns to close the deal. 

Keep them coming back for more…

CRM Automation

Automated email nurturing

Lead Magnet creation

Facebook Pixel retargeting



Inbound marketing and SEO specialists, who are excited about the AI revolution. AI is here and it’s going to change everything. Are you ready?

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Our Advantages

Work With An  SEO Agency That Puts You & Your Business First

Hey, it’s Jason. Impressed you’re still here—it says you’re serious. SEO? It’s a jungle out there. But team up with us at Marketing Matrix AI, and you’re cruising with the best navigators. Why? We fuse SEO mastery with advanced AI to give you a tailored roadmap to Google’s first page. So, ready to invest in hands that not only know the game but can change it? Let’s get started.

Total Transparency: At Marketing Matrix AI, we aim for long-lasting partnerships. Openness is our North Star; clear, frequent communication is how we navigate. You entrust us with your business; we honour that trust with straightforward updates, no exceptions. No smoke, no mirrors—just results.

Work Ethic: At Marketing Matrix AI, hard work and ethics are our foundation. Your success is ours, making your growth not just a goal, but our top priority.

Increased Visibility

Skyrocket your brand’s online presence for maximum market impact and long-term success.

More Traffic

Drive targeted, high-quality web visits to your site for enhanced conversion rates.

Higher ROI

Optimise your marketing spend for substantial, sustainable growth and long-term profitability.

Customer Trust

Establish your brand as a credible industry authority for enduring customer loyalty.

Hello, I’m Jason. In 2015, I set out to pioneer a telecom company amidst the NBN rollout. My task was to demystify industry jargon and become the go-to expert. The key? Content marketing and SEO. I answered the questions my customers were asking, and by doing so, they found me. Now, I’m here to pass on my decade’s worth of strategies to help you master the digital marketing landscape. Let’s illuminate your path to success.

Marketing Matrix AI

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Marketing Matrix AI